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North Carolina Unclaimed MoneyIf you only knew how many times I've heard "I'm sure I do not have any unclaimed money coming to me". Well...all I can say is your odds are better than Vegas!

I'm excited you landed on this web site so we can teach you THE CORRECT WAY to find and claim your share of the estimated billions of dollars in unclaimed money. This money is sitting in government offices in North Carolina and the other 49 states right now!

If you're like me, it's probably difficult for you to believe that literally BILLIONS of dollars are just waiting to be claimed by people like you!  As unbelievable as this may seem, money and property owed to American citizens is being held by government offices in North Carolina and all across the United States.  In fact, an estimated 7 out of 10 Americans are due some type of claim.  In other words, you have a 70% chance of finding a claim for yourself or someone you know.  The best part is, millions of dollars are added to these piles of unclaimed assets every year, meaning your chance of finding lost money or property for you, your family, or your friends gets better all the time!

Don't Let North Carolina Hold Your Unclaimed Money Another Minute! It's time for you to make the claim instead of your next rightful heir. Someone's eventually going to claim it. Might as well be you, right?

The following is one of many scenarios in which you wouldn't find a claim through online searches, even though you may still be due unclaimed assets:

Imagine your grandmother passes away, having never told anyone that she kept a safe deposit box containing jewelry, bonds, and cash.  After a long period of inactivity on that deposit box, the bank would notice it hasn't been accessed and would attempt to contact the owner. By this time, her home has been sold and so they wouldn't know who to contact.  By law, the bank is required to turn over the contents of the safety deposit box to the state of North Carolina.  In most cases, the jewelry would be auctioned off for a cash value and North Carolina would hold the remaining cash and bonds until the owner or next if kin comes claimed it.

North Carolina and other states won't actively pursue you if you or a family member are owed this type or another type of unclaimed money or property.  Don't you think it's time you located and claimed what is owed to you?

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When I read reviews like this, I just couldn't wait to learn how she did it!  How much longer will you wait to find out if North Carolina or any other state owes you money?

Have you found your name doing free searches on other unclaimed money web sites, only to find out they want to hit you with all sorts of fees just to find out if you were really in the database, or just someone with the same name?  And then even if the information is accurate, they still want to hit you with ridiculous finders fees just to claim your money!

Before you join any unclaimed money website,
Watch This Video:

I don't run one of those sites that are going to mislead you with vague or inaccurate information.  Did you know that you can type in gibberish text for names on some of those free search sites and it will still try to make empty promises?  On some web sites, it will tell you the same amount is owed no matter what name you type.

It has taken me months of hard work to gather all of the information you need for learning how to claim your unclaimed property and money, and I've put it all in one easy to use program.

Discover what some U.S. Government officials do not want you to know about North Carolina unclaimed money and property...Don't get mad, just take action and take your money back!


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